Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling

For women facing an unplanned pregnancy, or a pregnancy under difficult circumstances, Options offers free pregnancy testing, and the opportunity to talk through your feelings and options confidentially in a safe space.

An unplanned pregnancy, or a sudden crisis situation surrounding a planned pregnancy, can be a great shock and you may feel unsure how to cope or what to do next. If you need someone to talk to, or would like more information, our local centre offers you free non-judgemental counselling, unconditional support, accurate information, and free pregnancy testing using a quick and sensitive urine test with the result given to you confidentially and immediately.  Please contact us to make an appointment, or call us on 020 8540 7675.

    I didn't quite know what I wanted when I came here and everything really exceeded my expectations. It was nice that we were a small group so we could cover many topics and personal experiences. Thank you; you've truly helped and created a safe, open environment for us all. This is something I'll never forget.
    A Client from The Journey Group Counselling Programme

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